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Shenzhen Yong Rui Bianse Arts&Crafts Co.,Ltd is a ceramic products professional manufacturers set design、exploitation、production、sales in a body. Company has our own product design and development department , printing workshop, thermal transfer workshop, painting workshop  and roast flower shop. Products are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East and southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Shenzhen Yong Rui Bianse Arts&Crafts Co.,Ltd is  a professional manufacturer of color changing mugs and gift mugs for mug、ceramic color changing mugs、stainless steel color changing mugs、plastic color changing mugs and color glass cup.

Our company research and development and production and technical personnel all has nearly 20 years of experience and according to the guest's drawings to customize all sorts of different color design.

All products can pass GSG text and up to  American FDA standard and CCIQ authentication and the food certification  standards of Europe EU 84/500/ECC and so on.

In line with "integrity first, quality first" business philosophy and our Strict product quality control and competitive price advantage,Wins the favor of many customers at home and abroad have been. So our companies in the industry of color changing mugs have been in a position of a commanding lead.

Shenzhen Yong Rui Bianse sharp change color in the future five years and according to the design of innovation 、stable quality and Perfect management. Our company want to have a certain influence in the world and let people see a mature steady, respected enterprises...




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